Artificial Intelligence and Conversation Commerce: A Review on Chatbot Technology and Its Impact During COVID 19 on Online Retailing


  •   Radhika Pillarisetty Research Scholar, Presidency University



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Artificial Intelligence is increasingly becoming a part of our daily lives and is made up of many technologies and branches and each has its own benefits. Conversational commerce or chatbots are one such AI application which is also known as Intelligent Agents. Intelligent Agents, when assimilated into our daily life, as it 1s increasingly happening, can perform several tasks such as searching for information, setting alarms, reporting weather etc. A chatbotis an AI based technology using robotics and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) (Bansal and Khan 2018). It can respond to any stimulus such as text or voice and provide solution to the question asked or the task assigned. Hence they are also called Intelligent Agents. A chatbot 1s programmed in such a way so as to understand one or more human languages (e.g. English, Hindi etc.) by using Natural Language Processing (NLP) (Khanna et al, 2015). As the pandemic has gripped the world since early 2020, it has been more than a year now. Over this period online shopping has increased and so has the use of these intelligent conversational bots or chatbots. So whether it 1s “EVA†from HDFC or “Clara†these chatbots are in the forefront of customer service 1n the online world today.




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Pillarisetty, R. (2022). Artificial Intelligence and Conversation Commerce: A Review on Chatbot Technology and Its Impact During COVID 19 on Online Retailing. Adarsh Journal of Management Research, 13(1), 23–29.


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Personal Digital Assistant - Cortana Home Assistant — Microsoft.

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‘An e-business chatbot using AIML and LSA’ - Semantic Scholar contentco ecommerce/news/walmart-and-flipkartboth-hit-the-mark-with-e-commerce-a-97jump-in-us-while-india-sales-exceeds-precovid-levels/articleshow/77613774.cms through whatever channel they’ve used to connect

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