National Education Policy - 2020, Performance Indicator, Accountability And Their Chasm


  •   Dr. Venkatesh S Shastry Professor Imperial Institute of Advanced Management, India
  •   Dr. Badrinath M N Associate Professor Imperial Institute of Advanced Management, India


Faculty, API, NEP-20, Performance Indicators


National Education Policy (NEP, 2020) is addressing a series of challenges and concerns which the first National Educational Policy of 1968 did not quite face. A cursory study of the NEP 2020 reveals a pattern that focuses on faculty as its central theme. Core of the central message to faculty is performance indicator. These performance indicators commonly referred as Academic performance indicator will undergo a change. Most of the indicators that measured faculty performance indicator may not be relevant and would require tweaking major or minor in an age of NEP-2020. The study is on how the academic fraternity is building on improvisations during the last three years or so. This paper is an attempt to list down those changing paradigms and trace gaps in performance and evaluation of faculty.




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