Media Today - Public Perception (with Special Reference to News Channels)


  •   Nisha Jain Vision School of Management, Chittorgarh
  •   Latika Surana Vision School of Management, Chittorgarh



Media is one of the most effective pillars of democracy. It is obliged to engage in ethical reporting as well. Thus, the biggest challenge for the reporters is to diligently follow the principles of journalism in the true sense of them. The news media is a powerful tool because it provides the public with crucial information, but more importantly the manner in which news pieces are presented can determine how viewers form their opinions about different public issues. The news channels must act in public interest and should not be guided by the whimsicals of raising the TRP and circulation of their newspapers. Trends of engaging in irresponsible&intrusive reporting should be curbed at any cost. The purpose of the study was to investigate the news-media credibility perception with respect to news coverage by various news channels. To fulfill the purpose a specifically designed questionnaire was administered upon a purposively selected sample of 30 professionals.




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Jain, N., & Surana, L. (2011). Media Today - Public Perception (with Special Reference to News Channels). Adarsh Journal of Management Research, 4(2), 52–61.