An Empirical Study of HR Factors as Determinants of Talent Management


  •   Ritu Tayal Gurukul Kangri University
  •   S. Rangnekar Management Department, AVBIIITM, Gwalior



Talent Management, Innovativeness, Career Development, Team Building, Entrepreneurship.


An organization's ability to learn and translate that learning into action rapidly is the ultimate connpetitive business advantage. One key corporate responsibility is to enable people to use and develop their individual talents. Organizations must ensure that people can fulfill their needs and find their potential in their work experience. Jobs should be designed to match people's talents. Contributions to the quality of the workplace are highly valued. Organizations should provide a complete range of HR services including HR consulting, HR technology and HR outsourcing. Some organizations, like Infosys', are already using Human Capital Management (HCM) practice to help clients differentiate and achieve operational excellence. The present work represents how the organizations can bring right kind of talent at the work place and how that talent can be retained. Through literature survey eleven factors contributing to talent management have been identified which are: creativity&resourcefulness, problem solving&decision making, communication, team building, entrepreneurship, leadership, general managerial skills, learning ability, performance measurement, career development, inspirational capabilities. Various statistical tests like inter item analysis, correlation analysis, multiple regression are performed to examine the relationship between different factors and talent management on a sample of 100 trainees of ACC who were attending their training program at Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. The results reveal that among all other factors inspirational capability is the prime factor contributing to talent management. On the other hand organization should put in more effort to creativity and innovativeness as these are the essential ingredients in the current global competitive environment for any organization to survive. Based on this study a model for talent management is suggested.




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Tayal, R., & Rangnekar, S. (2009). An Empirical Study of HR Factors as Determinants of Talent Management. Adarsh Journal of Management Research, 2(1), 1–14.



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