Model of Maturity (MOM) : Lessons for New SHG'S


  •   K. Rajendran Department of Management Studies, School of Management, Pondicherry University



Self Help Groups-Micro Finance-Income Generating Activities-Criticism-Non Govemmental Organisations.


This article analyses the problems and constraints faced by the matured n SHG members in Vellore district in Tamil Nadu. The researcher collected responses from 450 women respondents from two blocks in Vellore district in Tamil Nadu and the study concludes that rotation of leaders, lack of cooperation and family member criticism are the major problems experiences by the matured SHGs which will be a lesson to the newly formed SHGs. Discriminant analysis was used in analysing the data collected from the women respondents. The study will be helpful to the Self Help Promoting Institutions (SHPI) rural development practitioners and NGOs to ensure that these problems do not recur or and in evolving an efficient mechanism to handle the issues.




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Rajendran, K. (2012). Model of Maturity (MOM) : Lessons for New SHG’S. Adarsh Journal of Management Research, 5(2), 11–18.