Managing Strategic Challenges of Green Marketing - a Conceptual View


  •   N. Venkatesh Kumar Department of Management Studies, Acharya Institute of Technology, Soladevanahalli, Bangalore - 560 090



All types of consumers, both individual and industrial are becoming more concerned and aware about the natural environment. Unfortunately, a majority of people believes that green marketing refers solely to the promotion or advertising of products with environmental characteristics. Terms like Phosphate Free, Recyclable, Refillable, Ozone Friendly, and Environmentally Friendly are some of the things consumers most often associate with green marketing. While these terms are green marketing claims, in general green marketing is a much broader concept, one that can be applied to consumer goods, industrial goods and even services. For example, around the world there are resorts that are beginning to promote themselves as "Ecotourist" facilities, i.e., facilities that "specialize" in experiencing nature or operating in a fashion that minimizes their environmental impact. The issues pertaining to green marketing came into prominence in the late 1980s and early 1990s.




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