Lean Management: It's Applicability in Educational Institutions


  •   R. Pankajakshi Dept. of MBA, Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Mallathahally, Bangalore - 560 056
  •   S. V. Arundathi Department of MBA, Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Mallathahally, Bangalore - 560 056




Lean Management, Sustain, Tangible and Intangible Resources, Waste Management.


Education plays a prominent role in shaping the careers of the individual. Education is an instrument of socialization and is considered as a powerful catalytic agent for social change. In order to sustain in the competitive world, educational institutions are trying hard to meet the every changing needs and requirements of the students. This in turn calls for the application of Lean management system in educational institutions In the academic and administrative related process without much guidance expected from the specialist.

The origins of Lean practices have been observed from late 19th- and early 20th-century in the area of industrial engineering. It is becoming an essential practice for people to become highly competent in order to survive and meet the needs and demands of the ever changing world. The application of Lean management in education can be observed in administrative processes (admissions, add/drop, purchasing, facilities, hiring, budgeting, etc.), and academic processes (courses and degree programs) to a limited extent.

Lean management helps in effective utilization of resources where the wastes such as time, money, talent and energy can be minimized to extent possible by making the system work systematically. Applicability of lean management in educational institutions can be seen more effective in ways of increasing employee's confidence, commitment and communication (3 C's) and individual's performance will increase over a period of time. This paper is purely conceptual analysis focusing on the applicability of lean management in the educational institutions.




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