An Empirical Study on the Investors' Perception towards Investment Alternatives


  •   R. Shalini Rayalaseema University, KumooL Andhra Pradesh
  •   Kiran Hiremath Rayalaseema University, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh
  •   Poornima Charantimath Rayalaseema University, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh



Retail Investors, Financial Instruments and Perceptual Mapping.


The present article attempts to examine the relationship between investor's preference on various attributes and perceived satisfaction on different financial instruments. This relationship is shown in perceptual mapping. The study has hypothesized a positive relationship exists between perceived preference and perceived satisfaction of financial instruments among individual investors. In addition, to prove whether there is statistically significant difference on perceived satisfaction across demographic variables. Sample of 67 were collected which included students, employees, retired people, housewives etc. in Bangalore. ANOVA and correlation tests have been used to prove the hypothesis. Based on mean score of preference and satisfaction of investors ranking has been done. Results showed the attributes which are most preferred across various instruments among the investors.




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Shalini, R., Hiremath, K., & Charantimath, P. (2012). An Empirical Study on the Investors’ Perception towards Investment Alternatives. Adarsh Journal of Management Research, 5(2), 55–65.