Hidden Drivers of Success among Women Entrepreneurs


  •   M. R. Usha Rani Bangalore University
  •   Cynthia Menezes Bangalore University




Emotional Intelligence, Enterprise, Women Entrepreneurs, Gender Empowerment.


Modern age is an age of technological advancement, rapid industrialization, urbanization and hard competition that has made an individual's life more confused and insecure. Entrepreneurship…the very term signifies energy, innovation, passion and creativity ascribed to the men and women who build new business ventures or reviving an existing business by discovering, generating, and stimulating opportunity. The entrepreneurs act as catalyst to the new venture process, self-employment and entrepreneurship are increasingly important for women as a way to ensure income from work in the context of declining job security. Attempting to find the secret of success of certain entrepreneurs, the present paper focus on the positive emotions which may enhance entrepreneurial creativity&opportunity recognition of women entrepreneurs. Six dimensions of emotional intelligence taken for the study and analyze has been made on 28 women entrepreneurs.




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Usha Rani, M. R., & Menezes, C. (2016). Hidden Drivers of Success among Women Entrepreneurs. Adarsh Journal of Management Research, 9(2), 52–58. https://doi.org/10.21095/ajmr/2016/v9/i2/108461


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