Brand Loyalty Model for Oral Care and Life Insurance Sector


  •   J. K. Raju Institute of Management Studies, Kuvempu University, P.G. Center Davangere Karnataka
  •   Manoj Pandey Kuvempu University. P.G. Center, Davangere, Karnataka



Brand Perception, Brand Attributes, Brand Uniqueness, Brand Loyalty.


Brands require continuous innovation to keep them relevant else they risk falling in the market's "silence zone': One of the most popular strategies to keep a brand relevant is through differentiation as emphasized by many researchers in this field. Brand differentiation can be built based on a combination of attributes such as uniqueness, customer service, value for money, emotional bonding, and reliability. Brand differentiation helps in creating brand identity which is an important driver for brand loyalty. The present research is focused on investigating attributes for brand success and developing a brand loyalty model for Life lnsurance Sector (service category) and Oral Care Sector (product category) in Indian context. The idea is to explore brand attributes which are closely associated with brand success and then perform regression analysis to investigate brand loyalty. Model limitation, suggestions, and conclusion are also discussed.




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Raju, J. K., & Pandey, M. (2012). Brand Loyalty Model for Oral Care and Life Insurance Sector. Adarsh Journal of Management Research, 5(2), 1–10.