Marketing Strategies for Perishable Fruits and Vegetables Retail Segment in Supermarket


  •   Anitha Ramachander Adarsh Institute of Management & Information Technology, Bangalore
  •   Prasanna Venkatesh Indian Business Academy, Bangalore



Value Proposition, Fruits and Vegetables Retail, Modern Supermarkets.


The recovery in consumer spending is visible across almost all the industry sectors especially in food and grocery. Revival and growth of Indian retail industry in the past few months are due to the early festive season. But at the same time, spending will not be as high as the previous years. Consumer's mentality and sentiment has changed as affected by the global situation. Now consumers are adopting a mindset of "Shift to thriftapproach. Consumers are focusing more on value from the offerings, whereby they want to save money everywhere and hence are seeking lower priced, acceptable quality options around food and grocery and other important purchases. Considering the recent economic and market changes, it is mandatory for the retailers to revisit on their value and marketing strategies to map the customer's new mindset and their spending habits. Keeping the above consideration, this study seeks to find out the supermarket's value delivery in terms of price, proximity or location, atmospherics, merchandise mix, customer service and differentiation in offerings etc. Based on these analysis, business models for supermarket were proposed to match the consumer's new mindset and preference.




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Ramachander, A., & Venkatesh, P. (2010). Marketing Strategies for Perishable Fruits and Vegetables Retail Segment in Supermarket. Adarsh Journal of Management Research, 3(1), 51–61.