Sustaining Value Maximization in Entrepreneurship through Ethics


  •   J. G. Sheshasaayee New Horizon College of Engineering, Bangalore
  •   Anitha Ramachander Department of Management Studies, SRN Adarsh College, Bangalore
  •   K. G. Raja Department of Management Studies, SRN Adarsh College, Bangalore



Market pressures can drive the entrepreneurs acclimatize to unethical practices. When there is tough competition prevailing in the market, the entrepreneur finds loopholes in business ethics to bail them out of the situation. This paper focuses on sustaining value maximization through pragmatic and ethical approaches that are challenges to entrepreneurial leadership. Conformity to all moral and professional principles is ensuring the stakeholders that all decisions and actions are accordance with all applicable laws and regulations and are underpinning the organization's culture and values. Entrepreneurs normally continue to exist with the ever present danger of business failure occurring due to inadequate monetary resources and aggressive competition in the marketplace. Under these conditions, inconsistent precedence arises and the entrepreneur is thus faced with certain predicament. There is a need for understanding ethical practices by integrating them with pragmatic solutions to survive in a challenging environment. This research paper examines how entrepreneurs experience and deal with these impasses. The purpose of this paper is to guide your thinking and action toward creating and sustaining value maximization through an ethical culture. The affiliation between entrepreneurship and ethics has largely been typified as adverse. We develop a conceptual replica assimilating pragmatism with ethics to suggest that sustaining entrepreneurial leadership for value maximization demands ethical action to build legality.




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Sheshasaayee, J. G., Ramachander, A., & Raja, K. G. (2008). Sustaining Value Maximization in Entrepreneurship through Ethics. Adarsh Journal of Management Research, 1(1), 50–59.



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