Critical Analysis of Training Practices of Public Sector Banks


  •   Vinayak Bhat Christ College, Bangalore



Training and Development, Banking Sector, Public Sector Bank Employees.


One of the important sub-systems within the comprehensive human resource management is training and development. Through this activity the employees who have entered organizational domains with diverse backgrounds and orientations are brought in line with the requirements of the organization so that organizational tasks get accomplished which in turn will assist organizations to move in the desired direction. Besides catering to organizational requirements, training and development would also facilitate career advancements of individuals.

The present study is undertaken to know how effectively training activities are carried out in public sector banks. The current research focuses on identifying the challenges and concerns of training and development activities in public sector banks in Bangalore city. Effort has been made to find the impact of demographic groups on factors of training and development activities.




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Bhat, V. (2008). Critical Analysis of Training Practices of Public Sector Banks. Adarsh Journal of Management Research, 1(1), 8–25.



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